Compensation textbooks often refer to \”compensable factors\” when discussing how to decide how much to pay someone.  In this context, the term refers to those aspects of an employee that merit paying more for.  When we decide to make something \”compensable\” we assert its value, relative to other factors. 

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For your FIRST post, consider the following questions: 

1) As you observe our society (and with reference to AT LEAST FOUR of the readings) what are some of the key compensable factors that shape how pay works?  I.e. who gets paid what?  

2) Given those factors, what can you surmise/deduce are some of the key assumptions (about work and pay or about society in general) underlying the relative distribution of values? 

3) What do you think about all this?  Make use of information and ideas from the readings.

to refer – 

State of Working America Wages 2019: A story of slow, uneven, and unequal wage growth over the last 40 years


1 Page(s),275 Words

Double Space, 4 Sources, Undergraduate, APA, due in 12 hours


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