Understanding and Applying Earth Science

Individual ProjectUnit:  Understanding and Applying Earth ScienceDue Date:  Wed,1/12/22Grading Type:  NumericPoints Possible:  40

Points Earned

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Understanding and Applying Earth Science
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: Points Earned not availableDeliverable Length:  See assignment details

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    Assignment Details

    Assignment Description

    Review the following videos for help submitting your Individual Project:

    • Submitting Assignments on the CTU Mobile App
    • Submitting Assignments in the CTU Virtual Campus

    Assignment Details

    Welcome back! This week, you will complete your second lab activity! You will conduct simulated field research on various surfaces after rainfall to determine water infiltration and runoff. 

    • Start with your Unit 4 Learning Path in intellipath® (located in the Assignments list). Here, you will learn the following concepts that you’ll need to complete this week’s Key Assignment, the Unit 4 Individual Project:  

      Water cycle
      Soil quality
      Effect of runoff

    • Continue on to the Unit 4 Individual Project (instructions below). 
    • Read! This week’s readings will help you continue to grow in your knowledge of the following key environmental concepts:

      Natural environment
      Water pollution

    • Need Help? Your instructor is waiting to answer your questions and assist you! Reach out using e-mail or CTU Messenger for the quickest response. We are here to support you as you approach the end of the session.

    Lab 4: Soil Infiltration and Runoff

    For this assignment, you will use the Unit 4 Soil Infiltration and Runoff Learning Module to complete the Unit 4 Lab Report worksheet. You will conduct simulated field research on vegetation-covered, smooth-rock covered, paved, and bare soil surfaces after rainfall to determine infiltration and runoff results.

    1. First, download the Lab Report worksheet.
    2. Then, view the Unit 4 Lab: Soil Infiltration and Runoff to complete the Lab Report worksheet.
    3. Submit your completed assignment in one of the following ways:

      Upload your completed Lab Report.
      Upload an image with your completed Lab Report.
      Type in your responses to the Lab Report in the IP submission text box.

    View the

    Individual Project Demo

    for guidance on how to submit your Lab Report as an Individual Project via the Virtual Classroom or the CTU Mobile app.

    Please submit your assignment.

    For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

    Assignment-Specific Grading Criteria

    SCI103 Unit 4 Individual Project Grading CriteriaMax PointsThe water infiltration, runoff, and evaporation values are present and accurate (Table 1).


    The gallons of water values are complete and accurate (Table 2).


    Three to five sentences (each) are used to describe the role of vegetation, smooth mountain rock, and bare soil surface types on the amount of runoff, using data from Part 1 to support the findings.


    Three to five sentences (each) are used to present the role of vegetation in sediment loss and water infiltration.


    Three to five sentences (each) are used to present the impact of pavement (bare rock) and sediment loss on waterways.


    Three to five sentences (each) are used to discuss how sediment loss affects land and soil quality.


    Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar to write clearly and effectively.


    Total points earned:



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