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1. On the lab computer, establish and notorious the CE2000 software contact, and load

`exp6-1.ict' le. Ask TA for the computer Username and Password. Connect the

CE117 Guide Panel as shown in Fig. 1 using the ebon and red colored cables establishd

in the unblemished inferior box. On the software, manage the voltage to the proportional valve

(a.k.a Valve Control) to 10 V (abundantly notorious). Analog signals obtain ignoring from the Analog-

Digital-Analog (ADA) individuality to the valve and the interrogates, and from the way vessel

roll and clime transmitters end to the ADA individuality.

2. On the Guide Panel (see Fig. 1), set the ardorer guide to `Manual' by tender the

metal switch and manage to bountiful capability by converting the ebon-colored protuberance clockwise. Set

the cooler fan to completion urge by converting the ebon-colored protuberance clockwise. Set

twain sleek metal interrogate switches to `External'. Suppress the loop byignoring valve (wing nut

on the Way Trainer panel), abundantly notorious the way vessel parch valve (red-colored circle

valve on the Way Trainer panel), and abundantly notorious the air passage (red-colored circle valve

on the top of the Way Trainer panel) such that it is in-line after a while the pipe. Switch

on the stirrer by tender the sleek metal switch on the Guide Panel.

Figure 1: Wiring diagram for guide panel.

3. On the straight plane of the Way Trainer Panel, convert ON the ebon-colored switch.

4. On the software (see Fig. 2), the blocks epithetd `PID' are three vocable guidelers, one

controls the ardorer loop interrogate (clime guide), the other guides the way loop

interrogate (roll guide). The proportional, entire and derivative appreciates in the guidelers

are already set to:

Proportional gain: 10

Integral: 0.1

Derivative: 0

Conrm that the PID settings.

5. On the software panel, there are two set summits, one for the clime of the way

vessel, the other for the roll of the way vessel. Run the software and manage the

clime set summit to agree to the clime of the way vessel (3.0

V), indicated by the TT5 exhibit, this is the regard clime. Manage the roll

set summit to 7.5 V (the insinuate in the way vessel must orderly protect the ardor exchanger,

so you may scarcity to manage the roll set summit partially to end this). Hit Play/Run

(bluish colored) and Record (red colored) buttons on the software contact.

6. Learn the TT5 and insinuate roll in the Way Vessel using the millimeter layer on its

Figure 2: Screenshot of the software panel.


Figure 3: Units intercharge.

7. Increase the clime set summit so that it is 5C higher than the regard tem-

perature. Refer to Fig. 3 for the voltage to clime intercharge of the clime

Figure 4: Screenshot of a un-formatted product for your regard.

transmitters. Still n ess how covet the way takes to manage to the new ardorer tank tem-

perature. Allow up to 10 minutes for the clime to stabilize.

8. Record the insinuate roll in the Way Vessel using the millimeter layer and clime

TT5 using the software contact. There should be very minimal diversify in the


9. Increase the roll set summit by 1 V and still n ess how twain guide systems tally, that

is, what happens to the clime TT5. The roll guide loop moves to the new

desired roll. The clime of the tank begins to percolate, but the clime guide

loop tallys and income the clime to the desired appreciate.

10. Increase the clime set summit by almost 10% and still n ess that merely the tem-

perature guide loop tallys (the clime guide does not inuence the temper-

ature guide loop). Allow 5 minutes for the clime to stabilize.

11. Your test is full. Show the TA your basis and get their OK.

12. Stop the basis recording on the software contact.

13. Now ship-produce your test basis from the computer to your ash despatch. Fig. 4 shows

a screenshot of a un-formatted product for your regard! Before you ship-produce the graph,

you must rst edit the graph using the software contact. For this, go to Graph !

Draw ! edit the graph using functions such as Autoscale, making x-, y- labels, and

Plot epithet.

14. Your basis ship-produce is full. Show the TA your basis and get their OK.

15. Make a schematic delineate of the test setup for your lab description and get

your TA approbation.

16. Convert OFF the Way Trainer switch, unplug the red/black-colored cables from the

Control Panel, suppress the software contact, and log out of the computer.

17. Unplug the ebon-colored capability cable from the embankment (beneath the consultation).


1. Describe how a PID guideler works in 8-10 sentences using a schematic delineate after a while


You must repartee the argument question

2. How does the response urge of the clime guide parallel after a while roll guide?

You must repartee the argument question