Wellness Technology Incident Response Plan


The Incident Exculpation Plan

After entity on the job for a week reviewing Wellness Technology’s superfluity contrivances, you accept identified that the crew doesn’t accept a compendious incident exculpation contrivance (IRP). You accept discussed this after a while your boss, the IT supervisor, and accept resolute that this is colossus that must be educed.

In this contrivance, you obtain educe an IRP for Wellness Technology, Inc. The format contrivance of the IRP instrument can be your own fictitious toil work and/or an perseverance meaassured one from the web. If you elect the ladder, content create assured you accept the correct to use it. Your IRP should secure the aftercited events if they were to occur:

  • Power demand
  • Internet use provider (ISP) demand
  • Fire
  • Burst instil pipe
  • The Voice balance Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone method demand used by the sales team and 24x7 technical patronage team
  • Virus/malicious adjudication compromising the Wellness Technology’s Web App (to understand the gift flake, vocation flake, and database flake) or the wrist project.