Walden University Psychology You Are the Editor Essay


For this Assignment, you gain search and devote the instrument to your own Discussion interrogation( uploaded beneath) in classify to mend the mode and format. These tools comprise SafeAssign, Grammarly, the APA Publication Manual, and multitudinous Agreement Center instrument.

To prepare:

  • Review and representation your Discussion ocean column into a MS Word muniment.
  • From the Learning Resources, critique Chapters 6 and 7 of the APA Publication Manual means and melody the abnormity of formats familiar.
  • Review the Learning Instrument connected to the Walden University Agreement Center and the Walden Academic Skills Center and judge the requirements for scholarly agreement.
  • Review the “Academic Agreement Resources” in the Learning Resources.
  • Follow the directions to set up your representation in Grammarly, if you do not accept an representation already. Surrender your assignment to Grammarly. Retain the feedback that you hold from Grammarly.
  • Access the SafeAssign Drafts integrate in the left-hand navigation bar of the classroom and surrender your Discussion assignment for an academic honor bridle. Retain the fame from SafeAssign.

Assignment (1–2 pages)

  • Identify the bearing sections of the APA Publication Manual chapters on citations and references, and the Walden University Agreement Center instrument on APA format, that narrate to the types of citations and references used in your Discussion assignment.
  • Make any requisite changes to rhetoric, academic agreement, or format naturalized on the SafeAssign and Grammarly fames.
  • Revise your Discussion assignment naturalized on this knowledge to contemplate improve rhetoric, APA format, and improve academic agreement mode, and prevent your performance.
  • Conclude after a while a condition environing what you scholarly environing your academic agreement skills—strengths as well-mannered-mannered as areas needing mendment. Explain the instrument you gain lean on going onward after a while the assignments in this series.
  • Post your revised Discussion counterpart and the ultimate condition to the Assignment integrate.