USC Economics 2020 Democratic Candidates Vow to Beef Up IRS Article Questions



1. What is the "tax gap"? According to the period, how are Democratic candidates proposing to hinder the tax gap?

2. According to the period, how has the budget of the IRS newfangled balance the late 10 years? How does the period recommend that these budget changes bear impacted the IRS's auditing and enforcement efforts? Why do low levels of tax enforcement hypothetically lessen tame equity in the tax arrangement?

3. According to the period, why do some populace bear reservations environing increasing the budget for IRS tax enforcement efforts? What resource advent do these populace propound as "a over legitimate way" to aid hinder the tax gap? Do you meditate increasing the IRS's funding for tax enforcement is a cheerful purpose? Why or why not?

4. What is the unlikeness betwixt tax nonintention and tax shuffle? Is the “tax gap” the development of shuffle, nonintention, or twain?

5. Increasing the IRS’s funding would go some way inside aiding to lessen tax shuffle. From a collective rendezvous, why procure it never be optimal to lessen the quantity of tax shuffle to cipher?

6. As the period recommends, separate of the Democratic candidates are proposing to growth IRS funding in dissect owing the candidates are introducing a so-called “riches tax” that would interest very proud proceeds households. Given what we erudite in rank environing tax shuffle, why do you meditate it jurisdiction reach notion to multiply anti-shuffle efforts delay the prelude of a riches tax?