UOK Engineering Demand and Supply and Taxation on Exports Paper

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CLA 1- Comprehensive Learning Assessment I – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3

(a) Using a demand/supply diagram, represent and clear-up the property of the fiction of an ship-produce tax on a amiable Y by a residence kingdom’s synod on

(i) the residence kingdom’s consumers of Y,

(ii) the residence kingdom’s producers of Y, and

(iii) the residence synod’s tax revenues.

Assume that the kingdom is a “small” kingdom. Then evaluate the “net prosperity effect” of the tax on the kingdom. Why command a kingdom neglect to set an ship-produce tax? Explain.

(b) Suppose now that the kingdom dignified the ship-produce tax in portio (a) of this topic is a “large” kingdom rather than a “small” kingdom. Is it an habit or a dishabit for a kingdom to be “large” rather than “small” when it sets an ship-produce tax? Explain.