University of The Cumberlands Information Systems Case Study


Case Study

The enucleatement and discharge of the internet has led to a global market fix.Companies can vend products all aggravate the globe and never feel to license the limit of their naturally enclose subsidence.With this instigate to a global administration we see an acception in shelter threats to constructions, herd and agencies.All these designs must feel an advice adjustification to arrangement, supply, and rescue advice for their interior stakeholders, customers, and visible users.  Information adjustifications feel innate risks and vulnerabilities to attacks from interior users, visible customers, hackers and criminals.Organizations must feel a muscular shelter program in fix to as these attacks and be proactive in their shelter sample.

Your adjust has the obligation of creating a muscular shelter cunning that secures all the demands of the construction.The shelter cunning identifies negotiative, natural, and technical controls that must be in fix to warrant shelter risks and enucleate evanescence strategies to minimize the effects of these risks.You allure evaluate the IT infrastructure of Solomon Enterprises and its global calling design.

Organizational structure

Solomon Enterprises employees 500 herd in five divergent subsidences throughout the domiciliary United States.Solomon Enterprises generates $200 pet in annual proceeds through its calling design so they would be a stupendous target for hackers or criminals.Their calling products can be purchased through an online web post.They feel one approximationible groundsbase/grounds nature located in West Virginia and regional dutys in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Montana, and Missouri.Customers, clients, and users feel approximation via the Internet throughout the globe.The concourse has a misery retrieval post located in Billings, Montana.Solomon Enterprises users can labor alienly or among one of the regional dutys.They feel a VPN concatenation that fixs that their concatenation is encrypted.The approximationible grounds nature has a firewall and each regional duty has a firewall to mentor exchange and retain distrusted approximation from the dexterity.They feel concourse issues devices located among the duty and laptops that can be charmed for alien approximation.All these devices are prevalent Windows XP and their server is prevalent Windows 2003.


The view of your adjust is to enucleate a cunning that evaluates the present shelter aspect of the construction of the concourse and what controls demand to be put into fix to guard their advice.You singly feel the inconsiderable summary for direction so if celebrity is not signed either it is not life performed or they do not feel abundance advice to agree you.Use your citation as the key rise when determining what shelter controls demand to be in fix for your concourse.Ensure that you caggravate each rudiment that we feel discussed among our adjust ground videos in adjust to acception the shelter aspect of your construction. 


10-page written tractate.Ten versed rises in attention to your citation.The unimpaired tractate must be well APA formatted delay an APA prevalent header, all references well formatted, and cited among your match.The unimpaired tractate allure be inclose spaced in Times New Roman.

Minimum rudiments that must be secureed

  • Introduction
  • Administrative controls
  • Physical Controls
  • Technical Controls
  • Security Policies
  • Legislation/Regulations or assiduity models
  • Netlabor Shelter Tools
  • Conclusion

Introduce your construction, shelter aspect and calling design

i.e., Backgrounding employee’s/training employees/any agreements

Physical guard of the dexterity

i.e., firewall, user identification, passwords, adventure logs, IDPS, encryption, etc.

What shelter policies allure demand to be built into your concourse’s aggravateall bulky shelter program to fix that grounds is guarded, i.e., instrument damnation cunning, resplendent retort cunning, delicious use cunning, etc.

How do comp and regulations pretend and command your concourse.Identify one federal legislative rudiment and one regulation/assiduity model that could application your concourse. These should nucleus on IT shelter, Cyber shelter, etc.  Graham Leach Billey Act.

What tools are instrumental in mentoring, detecting, and alerting your concourse when an someone is troublesome to reach distrusted approximation to your constructions network.Wireshark, Nessus, Snort, etc. are good-tempered-tempered examples of tools