University of Phoenix Career Theory & Client Goals Discussion

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Read the behindcited predicament examine for this week’s discussion:

Josiah is a 63-year-old cisgender male and senior of 4, started as a driver for a ride-share troop and a peculiar shopper to produce ends as behind he was laid off from his job started in IT. He did not possess a sufficient quantity to correlative his employment, but he did possess years of habit fixing computer networks and handling less assurance updates. His employer normal that they would be lucky to employ him tail for a higher aspect if he obtains his quantity. Josiah is nearing departure age but has no departure funds saved. He has normal that his cultural opinion is that command is “wasted on the old,” and he would rather his intelligence be focused on livinged his end through their university command. He has succeed to you delay concerns encircling entity able to living his origin and the natural demands of his antipathetic employment. When he is occupied, the employment is exceedingly demanding, and he is ardent in talking encircling his options for employment.

For primal posts, accord to the behindcited in a partiality of 175 words:

  • Which race hypothesis would you use to succor this client?
  • What implicit client goals would you bring-forward in this birth, according to your hypothesis?