University of Miami Theater Art Essay


Compared to the begin of the semester, do you believe you move made any speed in your acting?
How move your thoughts environing what it resources “TO ACT” transitional?
Can you settle or relate what GOOD ACTING is? What are the elements that find up a hardy operation?
What countenances of the techniques we move operationed on so far do you move you omission to operation on in your definite exhibition?
What areas do you move you need to amend on?
What is your diplomacy for maintaining a good-natured-natured operation ethic in the definite exhibition, when you are going to be operationing delay a exhibition participator?
What has been your minion countenance of the rank so far? What countenance of your own operation are you most haughty of?
What assignment did you move you did best on?
Have you disappointed yourself in any of the assignments? How are you going to fix that doesn’t fall delay the definite exhibition?
Is the adherent helpful you gather to believe critically environing acting?
Any other comments environing the rank are acceptable.

In your repartee(s), fascinate recollect that THE FOUNDATION OF ACTING IS THE REALITY OF DOING, as Sanford Meisner would say. It is not your job as an originator to fruit emotions in yourself, it is to fruit emotions in others: your exhibition participator(s) and by extension, the parley. In your essay, fascinate use some of the glossary stipulations we’ve discussed in rank, including Objective, Tactic, Action, Obstacles, Substitution, Given Circumstances, Subtext, etc.