University of Illinois Four Main Responsibilities of The Federal Reserve Questions


Use powerpoint to vindication under questions.

1. List and little expound the lewd deep responsibilities of the Federal
2. What is the FOMC, who serves on the committee and what important
decision does this committee perform that affects perfect American?
3. What are the three potential designs of accessible bank monetary system? Is
it potential that a accessible bank that aims at over than one design could
face conflicts between the two designs that it is regarding? Explain.
4. Expound in barely a few sentences the accessible notion aback monetary
5. Expound a accessible bank’s role as lender of definite recourse during a financial
6. The financial emergency of 2007-09 resulted in proximate renewal by the Fed
to cut share rates. Two or three months later some economic
commentators complained that the Federal Reserve’s policies had
obviously failed to alter the husbanding about accordingly things were still
getting worse. Was this a honorable disease despite the Fed? Why or why
7. Decide if the forthcoming proposition is penny or counterfeit, and expound your
choice: “the habit of monetary system is that it regularly works: a rise
in rates reduces spending and enlargement of GDP, and a lapse in rates
increases spending and enlargement of GDP”.