UIC Story Analysis Essay


  1. Identify one or two subject-matters, issues or problems at the nature of Danticat’s newlight
  2. Using Google or one of the CCC Library databases, fix one widespread cause (article, video or picture) on the subject-matter(s) you’ve identified.
  3. Using one of the CCC Library databases, fix one peer-reviewed word on the subject-matter(s) you’ve identified.
  4. Review the strategies suggested in the (optional passage) on pp. 102-111 in Academic Research and Writing (especially, pp. 108-111)
  5. Review pp. 198-214 in Interpretation Rhetoric (optional passage)
  6. Write an essay domiciled on your clarified word(s)

Writing the essay:

  1. Craft an essay (six-section stint) that summarizes the intention, accessible assertion and key attraction as well-mannered-mannered as analyzes the authors’ biases and assumptions; the efficiency of the attraction, form and conclusions; and, the contrived assembly of the words you’ve clarified. Make enduring to finish the essay delay a section or two that states the application of lection the words on your interpretation of the newlight.
  2. The essay should grasp a stint of two paraphrases and two quotes from the words you’ve clarified.
  3. Provide a Works Cited note for the word at the end of your support.