UCLA Should the Fed respond to the Coronavirus Discussion


I wasn't planning on having a contend on this theme this Thursday, but dedicated the affinity of the Coronavirus *if we possess opportunity* I energy see about having our third contend instead rendezvous on the question: "Should the Fed answer to the Coronavirus?" We energy not be cogent to fit it in this week, but it is something that we can theoretically argue when we get tail from Spring Break. I'll obey you posted this week.

Regardless of when we possess this contend, if you would relish to take trustworthiness for this theme as one of your two required contend/Op-Ed tracks (see the Grading individuality of the syllabus for a reminder), delight do the following:

1. Write a 700-800 dispose Op-Ed preliminary a interest on this upshot. Delight effect infallible it is wrap spaced, grasps your call on the top-left hole, is unexceptionably cited using APA format (ideally you should possess 3-5 references; they can grasp intelligence catechism, examination papers, books, etc.), and draws from gauge economic arguments. Completing this is the insufficient restriction requirement for receiving trustworthiness. Remember that in analysis to printing out your Op-ed and turning it in at the end of dispose you MUST upload a delineation of this to the in-dispose contend #2 assignment in Canvas in dispose to take trustworthiness so that I can run it through the plagiarism scanner.

2. If you would relish to repair your track (and theoretically merit extra trustworthiness on the assignment), I would as-well relish you to actively join-in in the in-dispose argueion of this theme. I succeed try to set ainterest 10-15 minutes at the end of dispose to let any of you who energy desire to discourse surrender a compendium of your theory and answer to any objections and counter-arguments you would relish to oration. One of the goals of this in-dispose argueion is to raise a obliging and deferential environment, so be infallible to act justly and i-elation other's theorys.

Here are some catechism and videos on what infallible manifest figures purpose the Fed should do in its response:

President Donald Trump: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/03/trump-fed-economy-coronavirus-119372 (Links to an visible condition.)

Senator Elizabeth Warren: https://abc13.com/politics/elizabeth-warren-addresses-coronavirus-at-houston-town-hall/5972608/ (Links to an visible condition.)

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/28/business/economy/federal-reserve-says-ready-to-act.html