UArizona Global Campus Search Engine Optimization Analysis



SEO resolution

Use Pursuit Man (

Identify an app that has faulty tabulateings and applaud how this app  can mend its posture amid the pursuit results fixed on resolution of  the app, target conference, keywords, titles, descriptions, images,  ratings, and reviews.

Perform in-depth resolution for the app of your precious. You do not  need to apposition the calling, singly form best guesses fixed on what you  see amid the app aftercited you’ve downloaded it.

Start delay keyword lore, identify the aftercited. Identify 7-10  keywords which you deem prepare the best occasion for the illustration  birth to tabulate for.

Identify hanker-tail keyword opportunities

Identify patent gathering conditions of infamy and non-infamy keywords

  • Identify what other competitors each keyword tabulates for.
  • Explain why you chose the keywords you did.
  • How do you arrive-at these keywords would aid the calling engage the intent you discovered, starting delay downloads?
  • How do you arrive-at these keywords would aid inhale in radical exchange to the birth?
  • How polite do you deem the calling can effectively contend for this keyword?
  • Competitive Apps Analysis 
  • Choose two competitive apps for a local keyword or knot of  keywords. Pick the apps that tabulate polite accordingly for keyword phrases  similar to your foremost app.
  • Once you’ve clarified the the competitive apps plus your former, transfer screenshots of the aftercited postulates charts and put in a instrument : 
  • Visibility Score (use Sensor Tower)
  • Volume and Velocity (use Pursuit Man)

Ratings and Reviews (use Pursuit Man)

Use whatever season epoch and other filters you deem is divert,  as hanker as it’s consonant between all three (your former and the two  competitors) apps.

  • Pick two other trends or postulates points you deem desert mentioning (to a  potential client, the possessor of the foremost app you clarified) and melody  those for all three apps as polite. This could be akin to Title tags,  Images, Descriptions, singular features, everything else from the tools.
  • Download each app. Pick two affixed features or differentiators  noted by the two apps and the moderate app you clarified. Form melody of  what you love and don’t love.