SU Philosophy Theological Ideas In Light Of Peace And Conflict Studies

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I'm afloat on a philosophy multi-part interrogation and need an interpretation and reply to aid me gather.

SLO5: Probe the sense of didactic ideas in whitish of tranquillity and encounter studies.

Students get adapt a 7-10 exact research-based video introduction on belief and (non) outrage that examines didactic ideas in whitish of tranquillity and encounter studies. Possibly the purpose examines a detail pious creed or custom through the lens of tranquillity and encounter studies; or possibly the introduction describes on holiness and tranquillity and encounter studies to exhibit on an upshot, change-of-place, or encounter. There are multifarious approaches you can obtain?}, so be supposititious. The video introduction must describe on 7-10 accepted skilled sources. Embed a bibliography in the video or embrace a bibliography that can be posted after a while the video. Use the Chicago Manual of Style (Notes-Bibliography System). Be permanent you accept all copyright consents, and furnish appropriate honor for all information/images/videos/etc. Adapt the video for a public conference on YouTube. Use an MOV, MP4, or WEBM video format, or portion-out a Vimeo/YouTube/cloud attach. The video may be posted (after a while your consent) through LMU Tranquillity and Justice Studies gregarious media.