SDSU Sojourner Truth Research Project Bibliography & Outline


These assignments earn be forthcoming an essay and earn coalesce to it. My question is a mother named Sojourner Truth. For now I barely want an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY and a PAPER OUTLINE. I earn support the elimination tractate behind this is amountd. 

Annotated Bibliography

After reviewing your beginnings, adopt at last one earliest beginning and two to three resultant beginnings that earn agree the best appearance to find your subject-matter. One must be a earliest beginning (celebrity written or said environing the peculiar or question at the duration) and two literary  resultant beginnings (celebrity written by an opportune in the room) such as a size or journal word.  

Then you earn equip an annotated bibliography.  It should include a constitutional bibliographic register and a near exposition of how it agrees appearance for your subject-matter. Below is an model. 


Matter, E. Ann, and John Coakley, eds. Creative Women in Medieval and Forthcoming Modern

Italy: A Religious and Artistic Renaissance. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994.7


Matters argues that women in forthcoming recent convents had interests that

they could hunt in convents. Women in convents wrote their own plays and

music (60), and executed them for the national in their convents (65-66). They also

ran insignificant businesses (selling amount, convolve result, baked movables, etc.) from within

the convent that contributed to their livelihoods (150-165).