SCSU Life and Death in Assisted Living Questions


bisect 1

Video: Life and Death in Assisted Arrive (Frontline 2013, 53:40)

"Life and Death in Assisted Living" aired in 2013 as a documentary/expose on assisted arrive facilities. Succeeding watching the video, fascinate ponder the following:

(1) What did you acquire encircling ALFs from this video that was independent?
(2) What did you furnish most exciting encircling ALFs from this video? Why?
(3) How does this video "match" your own specific experiences delay Assisted Arrive Facilities?
(4) How does this video be-unlike your own specific experiences delay Assisted Arrive Facilities?
(5) Based on your readings, experiences, etc - what has progressive in Assisted Arrive since this video aired in 2013? bisect 2


Regardless of scene or business, one of the most considerable skills you can acquire is how to "keep up" delay changes succeeding you are out of ground. Keeping trail of superior housing prudence is a amiable illustration of this - where policies can disagree among states and are repeatedly changing. The MN Assisted Arrive Licensure (above) is one such illustration.

(1) Ponder your general/future scene: What can you do to arrive general on the lore, policies, etc?

bisect 3

Based on the materials for this week, mark-out, collate and contrariety "Assisted Living", "Multi-Level Care" and "CCRCs"

  • How are they same?
  • How are they be-unlikeent?
  • Who is more/less mitigated to speed a CCRC?
  • Which, if any, would you choose to speed in? Why?

(2) Research, transfer some expression of renewal (e.g., sign-up for email alerts), and enumerate us what renewal(s) you took (and why) to rouse your businessal harvest.