SCI 134 UCI Social Science Practice Skill Veterans Writing Paper


For this skills manner effect you get composition delay one of the veterans' adaptation or artcomposition you separated (see module 3 balanceview) and you get endure to raise on the prior skills manner effect of declamatory separation and abstract.

Focus on one veteran's adaptation, art, or exploit (see module balanceview, see the register, then prefer a composition you relish) and fulfil a declamatory separation (use the register of questions from skills manner 1), focusing on how the composition uses a declamatory resort of ethos, touch, or logos. This inadequate essay get apprehend some rate of introducing the composition's declamatory seat, summarizing the composition's deep notion(s), and may apprehend a straightforward allege when demonstrating how the originator uses a fond declamatory resort. 

Use appropriate templates or strategies (from TS/IS) for distinguishing what they say (the writer/artist) from what you (I) say, for introducing a abstract and a straightforward allege, and for explaining a allege. 

Here are the websites for three community/mental bunchs for veterans (two of which we erudite about in module 2). Please resurvey the notice on how to entrance veterans’ mental expressions (chiefly written but some in other media). You are encouraged to discbalance sundry compositions from each bunch. You get to-boot use separated compositions of your select (from these sources) for the Skills Manner 3 assignment (inhibit out the assignment for past details). 

Syrcause Veterans’ Adaptation Group 

Click to see a register of adaptations unconfused by the name of the composition:

University of California Veterans Summer Adaptation Workshops 

This combine takes you to the adaptations created in 2020

But if you scantiness to see other years, click the “writings” tab in the interior of the page to see a dropdown menu, you’ll then see the slip page of “UC Veterans Summer Writings,” hbalance balance it and you’ll see another dropdown register of years (i.e., 2019–2015). 

Warrior Writers 

The available full is unconfused via artist