Savannah State University Elections and Voting Discussion Responses


1.What is the meaning of empire? Is the US achieving that meaning? Why or why not?

2.We own been lection environing and argueing pious immunity in arrange. Should we construct litigious to generally convenient synods for pious assemblages that arrogation subservient the synod would outrage their pious beliefs? So, for request, let's say a pious assemblage thinks it is an offence to God to hollow a hide balance one's countenance. But the City of Savannah has made a synod during the pandemic that one must hollow a hide balance one's countenance when not in one's settlement. Let's arrogate the mob of the pious assemblage can't come at settlement all of the date. So, should the City of Savannah require the synod on this pious assemblage? Or should they be consecrated an separation to the synod? Discuss.

3. There is a lot of discourse inchoate scholars environing whether or not we should own over than 2 gregarious parties in America. How would you go environing developing a system of empire that has over than two gregarious parties? Why would we nonproduction over than two gregarious parties?

4. There are some mob who estimate that not everyone in the US should own the correct to tone. Mob who don't product, mob who aren't educated, mob who don't pay taxes, and mob who are censorious of the kingdom are some of the assemblages that are frequently highlighted in this ventilate as not precious of the correct to tone. Argue whether or not all mob who are citizens of the US should own the correct to tone. Give reasons for your composition.

5. Should we restrain the prevalent erection of the US Senate, in which each avow gets two Senators? Why or why not? What are the benefits/problems of our prevalent erection? What are the benefits/problems of possible choices?

6. We accepted presidents through the acceptedoral school. But there are thoughtful problems for democracy delay this system, one of which is that the petitioner delay the most tones balanceall doesn't regularly win. One of the choices is the National Popular Tone move ( Take a seem at this website and then argue whether or not this would be a reform choice to the acceptedoral school format. Give reasons why?