Santa Monica College Employment and GDP Questions


1.  What are the FOUR key components that made up a macrodispensation lower the outgoings arrival AND which one of the FOUR is kindred to meagre specific proceeds (DPI).  Be trusting to particularize how.  In other utterance, out of the FOUR components, which one is influenced by DPI?  Be trusting to particularize how.

2.  In your own utterance, produce a exhaustive limitation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

3.  Provide 3 examples or economic activities which would not be interposed in GDP.

4.  Define Fiscal Prudence and what should the synod do delay fiscal prudence in direct to drag the dispensation out of a recession?

5.  Define transport payments and produce 3 examples.

6.  Watch the forthcoming Youtube video on the multitudinous characters of unemployment and solution the forthcoming questions:

Macro: Unit 1.4 -- Unemployment (Links to an palpable aspect.)Macro: Unit 1.4 -- Unemployment

--  a.  what are the divergent characters of unemployment as presented in the video?
--  b.  out of the divergent characters of unemployment, which characters cannot be at naught percent and why?
--  c.  out of the divergent characters of unemployment, which character is relative-to negatively to the dispensation's affair cycle?
--  d.  according to the video, what file (in percentage) of unemployment is considered the cosmical objurgate? And what does that depend of?