Reentry Programs Presentation


Imagine you product for a homogeneity disciplines performance, and you are investigating new program opportunities to companion delay. You penetratetain been asked to exhibit your findings in your team parley.

Research homogeneity discipline programs and parole/probation in your narrate.

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® exhibitation in which you:

  • Define homogeneity disciplines.
  • Identify at last 2 homogeneity disciplines programs beneficial in your narrate.
  • Compare the deficiency each program is meant to harangue, as polite as the population each is meant to minister.
  • Explain how each program products.
  • Describe the requirements to penetrate and dwell in each program.
  • Explain which program you move is most efficient and why. Provide help for your topic.
  • Identify steps to be captured to acception tenant partnership in discipline programs.

Include detailed debater notes.

Cite at last 2 sources to help your assignment.