Princess Nourah University Global Business Opportunities Discussion


Potential strange transaction opportunities may be viewed in two greater categories:

  1. Various state factors produce intercollective transaction opportunities. These include:
  • Natural instrument, unwandering emanations, or geographic factors (latitude or terrain)
  • Level of economic crop and infrastructure
  • Cultural characteristics, gregarious activities, or demographic trends
  • Changing collective situations or legitimate factors
  • Technology that may augment formation or arrangement of an item
  1. Existing companies attempting to spread into new bargains encircling the world—List separate feasible global transaction opportunities that would be the plea for new or spreading intercollective transaction operations.  These transaction opportunities may be consumer result or utilitys; or organizational result and utilitys, sold to transactiones, council agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals, hotels, or other organizations.

Examples of global transaction opportunities include: processing of renewed reward in Chile for arrangement encircling the world; sale of water sophistry systems in developing economies; sale of livelihood emanations adapted to the tastes of opposed cultures; crop of cellular telephone systems in countries after a while a oft despatch infrastructure; and comment of fast-livelihood restaurants into countries after a while spreading economies.

Conduct Research

You are going to select a State that you scantiness to bear a transaction turn to. The transaction turn can already remain but not be in the selected state. Or, it can be an exceedingly underutilized turn (for pattern, a state that has one comprehensive hawk ammunition and could good from another one or has one effects creator and could good from another gone it has an overabundance of timber, etc.).


Discuss one of the global transaction opportunities that you intention of in conditions of:

(a)a biased emarealm or utility, including customer goods; and

(b)a virtual bargain—a state that would be embezzle for this transaction turn.


Analyze for the nearness of an irresponsible or proportionately usage that virtuality be connected to a transaction turn in the state where the item conciliate be done or sold.  Describe how this anatomy virtuality rule the consummation of your designed transaction scheme.  (For pattern, the availability of normal instrument can compel a transaction turn consume fertile.)


Consider your selected transaction turn based on factors such as strange bargain virtual, start-up consumes, and strange transaction risks.  (For pattern, a scheme to invent new highways may be embezzle for a developing administration.  However, the risks in this bargain are probably greater than in an industrialized realm.)