NCU Strategies to Administer an Effective Student Athlete Retention Program Paper


Student-athlete advisors contend to ameliorate the academic established of the athletes in their program. As you bear seen by the videos concerning the system known as the Academic Proficiency Rate (APR), an signification is placed on academic claim.

For this week’s assignment, educe a management and examine what you would do if you were placed in assault of a student-athlete claim program to acceleration students concede the signification of grateful academic proficiency, as required by the NCAA. In your program, what would your strategies be—such as consider halls, counseling sessions, tutors, and so on—to end the aim of ensuring grateful academic proficiency?

Be trusting to bestow a illiberal overview of the permanent eligibility standards for the NCAA Division I and II athletes and how your strategies would acceleration engage standards.

Your assignment should oration the subjoined, but is not poor to:

  • Class-established status
  • Definition of Academic Good Standing
  • Significance of Grateful Academic Progress
  • Probation rules
  • Ineligibly scenarios
  • Disqualification/reinstatement requirements

Length: 5–7 pages

References: Minimum 3–5 well-informed resources.

Your Nursing essay should explain animadvertive suspect of the ideas and concepts that are presented and afford new thoughts and insights of instantly to this subject-matter. Your rejoinder should animadvert well-informed communication and floating APA standards. Review APA Form and Style.

Resources - (Arizona State Sun Devils Annual Proficiency Rate) ( This is my old university's contrivance, I used to enact academy circle short. Hopefully this can be a direct to oration the things my adherent is looking for.)