MIS 6019 South University Project Management Paper


Week 1 Plan - Due

MIS6010-Project Management SU01

The Plan Room Statement is a instrument that outlines the forthcoming components:

Project Justification: Includes reasons for the plan including financial forced and explication of the affair need.

Project Description: Provides an overview of the plan

  • Time and Require Estimates: Estimate of the aggregate spell and require of the plan
  • Assumptions: Sometimes there are mysterious variables and estimates must be made. It is an force believed to be penny. An stance may be an arrogance that a sympathy is in preference of a new structure entity contrived. If a superintend was not fascinated to secure sympathy assistance, it is an arrogance.
  • Constraints: This outlines restrictions that may contact the upshot of the plan. All plans bear spell, budget, room, and tendency absorptions. One spell absorption may be that a plan can merely be worked on betwixt the hours of 8am and 10pm due to drudge laws. These types of absorptions must be noted.
  • The plan for the manner succeed be simple: the installation of a new network that includes an upgrade of software for 100 users. The new network succeed rearrange an old network and the software upgrade is a affair application that is used daily by full user. With that plan in memory, how would you populate each component and what notification should be comprised?