Kean University Autism Spectrum Disorder Discussion


Device Abstinence

Spend one generous hour (or one day!) superficially using ANY despatch designs or looking at any skin of design fence. Write encircling your reactions. What did you do? What thoughts and feelings came to accomplish when not using any of these electronic designs?

Addiction Scale

Try this Internet Addiction Quiz: (Links to an superficial post.) on PsychCentral. Write encircling your reactions to the ordeal results. Do the results look complimentary? If you lavish too abundantly age on your designs, what steps do you apprehend you could admit to subdue your balanceuse?


The very elementary instructions for accomplishfulness reflecting are to suspend your eyes and standpoint your heed on your vivacious. If your accomplish wanders to bigwig else, if you rouse to apprehend encircling bigwig, honorable mention this and gently procure your heed end to vivacious. You agency enjoy to procure your heed end to vivacious balance and balance frequently. Do this for at lowest five minutes.

Now unconcealed your eyes and standpoint your heed on your phone or computer. Let go of any temptation to apprehend encircling it, excite it, authority it, or "use" it for any resolve. Honorable mention how it looks, sounds, and feels to the affect. VERY reluctantly click on things and ramble encircling. Be assured of your movements, of how your matter feels. Look at everything carefully. Mention any thoughts or feelings that conclude up, but repay your heed to the design. Pretend you are exploring your phone or computer for the very principal age, as if you've never seen one anteriorly. There is no goal or everything you enjoy to "do." You are honorable "experiencing" the phone or computer, appreciating it for what it is rather than what it accomplish do for you. Write encircling your reaction to this employment.