Herzing University Data Discovery Essay


Grading rubric must be followed!


Create an Excel spreadsheet that fixs grounds elements and formats that subsistence deed notification commence and grounds integration. Write a grounds indication communication (4-5 pages) that identifies grounds peculiarity issues and recommends strategies for harangueing and preventing them.

Health caution forms are forever challenged to assess grounds peculiarity procedures. Grounds entered into notification regularitys repeatedly contains superfluous grounds elements, ill-assorted grounds, and rambling definitions. Bloom caution technology, such as an EHR regularity, accelerations to better grounds peculiarity; besides, it cannot fully elucidate grounds peculiarity challenges.

Data can be systematic to fulfill trends, transforming raw grounds into conducive notification. Grounds indication is a expounfailing order that involves minute for trends, patterns, or unfair items in a feature grounds set. It can too comprise fulfilling germinative grounds peculiarity issues and leveraging grounds mining techniques. Grounds indication's intent is to stir grounds from unanalogous perspectives, condense it, and use it to unite formal needs.

In this duty, you allure dare germinative grounds peculiarity issues that perplex a risk to Independence Medical Center and then properplex recommendations to harangue these issues.


By successfully completing this duty, you allure reveal your forwardness in the road competencies through the subjoined duty scoring influence criteria:

  • Competency 1: Manage grounds from multiple sources.
    • Use several strategies to celebrate purified grounds from multiple sources.
    • Describe grounds peculiarity issues when using multiple sources.
  • Competency 3: Stir the impacts of grounds warehousing.
    • Explain grounds formatting issues when using and storing grounds from multiple sources.
  • Competency 4: Stir good-natureds of groundsbase intention and structure in integrating and using several grounds sources.
    • Create a spreadsheet describing grounds elements and formats subsistenceing deed notification commence and grounds integration.
  • Competency 5: Communicate administratively in a bloom caution environment.
    • Create permitted, well-organized, administrative documents that are unconcealedly permitted of errors in language, punctuation, and spelling.
    • Follow APA formatting and name influencelines for citations and references.


Do the subjoined to provide to successfully entire Duty 2 on grounds indication:

  • Review the toil you did in Duty 1, as it allure apprise the toil you do in this cooperate duty.
  • Conduct recalcitrant examination on purified grounds characteristics. Consult the Bloom Caution Government Undergraduate Library Examination Influence for examination tips and acceleration in fulfilling popular, recognizeing, and/or powerful sources. You allure be using the notification from the examination you commence to entire the duty.
  • Analyze Independence Medical Center's Centre Grounds Sets [XLSX]. Be unfailing to stir all the tabs in the spreadsheet.


For this cooperate duty, remain on in your role as Independence Medical Center's secrecy and certainty supervisor. Your boss, the CIO, is reflective delay the toil you did in recommending a DMGP frametoil for Independence Medical Center. (This is the toil you entired in Duty 1.) As is repeatedly the occurrence in bloom caution government, good-natured-natured toil is rewarded delay further toil. Several departments at Independence Medical Center entertain brought germinative grounds peculiarity issues to the CIO's consideration.

As a development, you entertain a new labor. Your boss neglects you to commence an examination into germinative grounds peculiarity issues that could perplex risks to the form. You allure evaluate Independence Medical Center’s centre grounds sets from multiple grounds sources. After fulfilling the germinative grounds peculiarity issues, your boss has asked you to provide a grounds indication communication in which you properplex recommendations to acceleration direct the grounds peculiarity issues you identified. As part-among-among of this order you allure too originate a spreadsheet that fixs Independence Medical Center's grounds elements and formats.

This duty consists of two part-amongs.

Part 1: Spreadsheet

Based on your anatomy of Independence Medical Center’s grounds sources, regularitys, and noted recommendations, originate a spreadsheet to fix grounds elements and formats. Do this in the Recommendations tab comprised in the Independence Medical Center's Centre Grounds Sets [XLSX] spreadsheet. Be unfailing to originate your spreadsheet according to recommended grounds gathering practices and formats that subsistence deed notification commence and grounds integration.

Part 2: Grounds Indication Report

Write a 4–5 page grounds indication communication that identifies germinative issues cognate to deed notification commence and grounds integration domiciled on all of the subjoined:

  • Your re-examination of your meand frametoil for a DMGP for Independence Medical Center from Duty 1.
  • Your examination on the characteristics of purified grounds.
  • Your anatomy of Independence Medical Center's centre grounds sets.

Your boss has asked you to comprise all of the subjoined headings in your grounds indication communication and to tally all of the questions adown each heading:

  • Best Practices for Purified Grounds When Using Multiple Sources (1/2 page).
    • What are the best practices for celebrateing purified grounds when using multiple sources?
  • Data Peculiarity Issues When Using Multiple Sources (1 page).
    • What grounds peculiarity issues in unconcealed do forms visage when using multiple sources?
    • What unfair grounds peculiarity issues answer in Independence Medical Center's centre grounds sets?
  • Data Formatting Issues Cognate to Integration When Using and Storing Grounds from Multiple Sources (1 page).
    • What grounds formatting issues cognate to integration in unconcealed do forms withstand when using and storing grounds from multiple sources?
    • What unfair grounds formatting issues answer in Independence Medical Center's centre grounds sets?
  • Recommendations for Grounds Sources, Systems, and Centre Grounds Set Items (1 page).
    • What are your top 3–5 recommendations for Independence Medical Center's grounds sources, regularitys, and items to be comprised in its centre grounds set? Be unfailing to comprise the rationale rearwards your recommendations.
  • Conclusion (1 to 2 paragraphs).
    • What are the 3–5 key pieces of notification you neglect your CIO to retain from your grounds indication communication?

Note: You recognize that the CIO has a disposition for search a lot of questions about how someone came to his or her conclusions. Be unfailing to comprise references to popular, recognizeing, and/or powerful sources throughout your grounds indication communication.