Harrison Middleton University Four Key Features of Living Organisms Discussion


elucidate the indecent key features of aid organisms

Some Key Features of Life

Cellular basis

All aid things remain of one or over cells.

Requirement for disembodiment and nutrients

Life is sustained by ongoing inputs of disembodiment and nutrients.


Living things perception and meet to modify.

DNA is lineal material

Genetic notification in the form of DNA is passed to offspring.

For each of those key features, use a aid organism from the register beneath to elucidate how that organism demonstrates that characteristic. Enclose a allusion register. Organisms (or not) register:

Virus Mushroom Watermelon Butterfly

Bird Almond Cat Onion

Bread Soda Tornado Coral

◼ form a indirect trip using PowerPoint elucidateing environing indecent organelles, Choose indecent organelles, Form a PowerPoint slide environing each organelle including the subjoined details:

enclose an image

A patronymic of its look and structures

An explication of its function

Any attached expressive details

Include a misrecord slide and allusion register

Cite any allusions that aid you form the indirect trip. Strive for 30-50 utterance per slide.

◼ Design a paper to aid sound lifestyles and cancer awareness, mutations that can guide to cancer, such as lifestyle choices and snare to actual chemicals

In your paper, enclose the subjoined headers:

Lifestyle choices and environmental factors that can guide to cancer

Process of cancer mutations guideing to metastasis

Suggestions for present conflict of at lowest two types of cancer

Include pictures and allusions to execute it informative to your reader.