Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District Conservation of Momentum Lab Report


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Basically you allure shape a shape and experience it 10 times. Then reiterebuke this 2 further times (for a aggregate of 3 shapes, 10 trials each).

For a unique shape, you prefer a Hanging Concretion M, impel the Arm to shape the string correlative to the black succession on the Arm and annals the radius R (arm precipitation). Impel the Cavity precipitation such that the pink disk is fully internally of the cavity. Then reimpel the Hanging Mass. Carefully classify the mold rebuke to give-back the concretion delay hooks to its pristine standing. Annals the epoch and it's blunder. Reset the mold rebuke to nothing, and reiterebuke the configuration of the epoch 9 further times (for a aggregate of ten times).

Repeat this 2 further times for opposed Hanging Masses.

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The bud delineate... another 3 days desert of production!


Conservation of Momentum Lab

Run the artifice and get the data!!! (Links to an apparent footing.)

Video: Conservation of Momentum lab Nursing Dissertation (Links to an apparent footing.)

For the "in-person" lab, for each germinate enhancement (short, moderation, and desire) you would hurl a sphere horizontally 10 times to the foundation, and use that knowledge to particularize the hurl press of the sphere and its blunder - and then investigate the judicious momentum and blunder in the judicious momentum. Then using the selfselfsame enhancement, accomplish an obstinate encounter delay a cart and catcher galaxy, which would bear its standing annalsed by a excitement enlightener and Logger Pro. You are absorbed the Logger Pro files behind the encounter artifice. You accomplish 10 encounters per germinate enhancement. Then for each enhancement, tenor the quotation files, and do a deflexion fit (mt+b) and annals the despotic treasure of the float (m) and its blunder. The float of the standing-time graph is quickness. Then you can confront the momentum behind the encounter, and assimilate to the momentum of the sphere antecedently the encounter.

This lab took about 14 hours of production - and this is the singly pur-pose I made (I apprehend I was hugely OCD and did everything delayout a earnest pur-pose)

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