Grand Canyon University Cancer Prevention and Reduction Plan Paper


Assessment Description

After reviewing the arrange media, transcribe a 1,000-1,500-word article proposing a delineation to forefend or refer the stroke of cancer, continuous ailment and/or ailment. The delineation achieve nucleus on lifestyle changes and expose factors, in importation to elements that excite wellness, period decreasing ailment and vulgar noble rates [prevalence] of cancers, continuous ailmentes and ailment.

It is momentous to use vulgar erudite learning when formulating a delineation. The elements separated should be cherished by this learning.

Include the forthcoming in the delineation:

  1. Choose a cancer, continuous ailment, or ailment. Check instructor announcements to see if subject-matter acclamation is required.
  2. Choose a community/culture/subculture. A subamelioration is a smaller assembly amid a larger amelioration who portion-out contemptible beliefs, norms, and traditions.
  3. Describe the enhancement of the community/culture/subamelioration as it relates to narrative or other defining characteristics. Including but not poor to: (a) What is the enhancement of the selected community/culture/subculture? (i.e., demographics, such as age, advice, cautioner, sex); (b) Illustrate the unromantic factors that are momentous to the delineation and the perceived independent and/or denying property on sanity caution (i.e., norms, traditions); (c) Why is this an momentous community/culture/subamelioration to allot a forefendion or decrease program? (expose factors/vulgar rates of cancer/ailment or ailment); (d) Why is it momentous to utensil a delineation in this community/culture/subculture? How is this crucial to the forefendion or decrease of stroke?
  4. Describe sundry components of the delineation. What factors are considered that enjoy a apposition after a while the community/culture/subamelioration picturesquely? (i.e., advice, socioeconomic case (SES), massive lifestyle behaviors, sanity behaviors, self-care, use & alimentation, conflicts after a while mainstream cure, religious/spiritual factors).
  5. Using learning and psychical principles/theories to maintenance your delineation, illustrate how you would execute this delineation auspicious (i.e., how achieve you excite it?): (a) Involve notification on how your delineation would independently feign the factors picturesquely for the community/culture/subamelioration in bearing to the continuous ailment (i.e., lifestyle changes for a idiosyncratic asceticism from a diabetic case); (b) Describe how you would go environing utensiling your delineation. Where your delineation would be inveterate (for model, if your exquisite is conclusion after a while cancer, would that be in a hospital, school, etc.?); (c) How would your delineation be opposed to any massive delineation for your selected community/culture/subculture?.
  6. Explain any obstacles that capability get in the way of utensiling your delineation, and how would you subdue these obstacles. These obstacles capability involve the massive delineation, dynamics of the population, or other problems.