GERO 370 Towson University Ageism in America Research Paper


Reinquiry Pamphlet (5-7 pages, double-spaced):

Using your suggestion assertion as a starting purpose (stable under),

conduct library inquiry of at lowest three erudite creed (i.e., peer-reviewed register time, magnitude section, reinquiry tidings) on the question ( the specific media are listed under);

summarize the reinquiry findings and conclusions; and ponder on their overall twist for older adults and their families.

Avoid using principal special articulation.

Include series concepts discussed in collocate as courteous as concepts you fix in the erudition inquiry.

Select at lowest four erudite creed on your separated question of discovery.

Do not use websites! Your pamphlet should involve the subjoined elements:

1) Assertion of your reinquiry question/question (i.e., what you wanted to trace encircling through this discovery)

2) Summary of each pamphlet’s findings and conclusions.

3) Your own discourse of how each time informs and answers encircling your reinquiry question

4) Your own discourse and construction encircling what the counsel supposing by creed as a undivided implies for the lives of older adults and their families.