Fullerton College Diamonds Theory of Collapse Article Discussion


1. Read/listen to the profession listed under. Conduct notes. Click on the supposing hyperlinks to conduct you to the profession. You are required to relation all of the profession listed under: The Files stable are the profession

you are not fixed on how to unravel a or-laws tractate, less is a advantageous expedients to concede you some hints: 


2. Excite the points you self-possessed from the profession. Focus
on sections wless you can bring-encircling connections to Diamond's five-point
framework. Less is a concatenate to the video we watched at the inception of
the semester to refrigerate your memory:


3. Using Diamond's five-points, excite the forthcoming  questions/assumptions encircling the factors superfluous to Syria's new  collapse:

Keeping Diamond's Theory in sentiment, excite the debateion that the new Syrian subordination was caused by aridity merely.

What role did temperature alter illustrate in Syria's subordination?

How did dysfunctional societal factors extension the probability that Syria was further sensitive to temperature kindred disturbance?

4.  Write a blunt 1 page (roughly 450-500 words) dissection wless you debate  the prompts overhead.