Food Ethnography Sociology Questions


Food Ethnography Assignment

This assignment is meant to be a way of looking at how twain buttress and amelioration are united to larger structures in company. Roland Barthes, in his word, did this by nucleusing on French buttress. Your product should do the selfsame, but nucleus on buttress in a favoring residuum, extension, and establish.

An ethnography is a inquiry process involving disunited mention to expose the beggarly,ordinary practices or impost of a amelioration. Ethnographers capture inferential notes on unrecorded and non-unrecorded despatch as polite as esthetic amelioration (packaging, how buttress is plated, served, sold, preserved, etc.). It helps expose capturen aspects of beggarly,ordinary condition that are capturen for granted.

For this assignment, you conquer choice a notorious extension that involves the decay and/or genesis of buttress. This could be a grocery provision, a restaurant, a pious feast, a marriage, a farmer’s dispense, a buttress bank, etc. Ideally, this should be a establish you are not household delay.You cannot do your inquiry in a establish where you product, for precedence. You may need to ask a manager’s endurance. Be unmistakable to thrive culturally expend norms.

You conquer change in two things:

  • Detailed Observation Notes
  • Analysis of your findings.

Once you determine the establish, exhaust 1 hour observing. You may join-in if you aim by ordering a asceticism or buying buttress (this process is referred to as participant mention). You may jot down notes or proceedings a direction memo on your phone if requisite.

Detailed Mention Notes:

Once you are residence, exhaust some extension adaptation out a past inferential patronymic of your mentions. You conquer change these in along delay your resolution.

Things to ponder as you heed:

  • Who do you see?
  • Are there patterns you mention such as a beggarly age cluster?
  • Racial or Ethnic cluster? Gender? Collective arrange?
  • Verbal, non-unrecorded discourse, dispenseing, advertising, signage, dress/clothing, norms, gestures, rituals, etc.?
  • What types of buttress do you see being sold or served? Is the buttress dexterous, packaged, vigorous, canned, etc?
  • Where is this establish located? Is it a buttress wilderness or a accessible city residuum?
  • When are you visiting? Could the extension of day contact what you are observing?

Analysis: (3-4 pages wrap extensiond)

Your preface should be a public draft of where you went and what overarching themes you heed. If you go to a farmers’ dispense, for precedence, may-be you mention convertibility unconditional an great role in how men-folks direct their interests in buying national, environmentalism, inactive buttress, veganism, soundness, etc. You should explain the promise buttress ways in your preface and how this applies to your mentions.

I would love to see three to indelicate themes that you argue. Themes can include technology, creed, collective unevenness, soundness, gender, collective arrange, career, ethnicity, globalism, buttress censure, collective convertibility, post-industrialism.

Use promises and concepts from our readings to argue your findings. You potentiality heed symbolic behaviors, differences in discourse, dispenseing techniques, establishment of products, advertising, signage, packaging, indicators of collective arrange, etc. What would Barthes say environing this? How would a battle theorist, or symbolic interactionist see this? What environing a functionalist or cultural estheticist? Use the tools granted in this career to argue buttress and amelioration from a sociological subject-matter of sight.