FIU Environmental Science Disaster Management Coordination Efforts Essay


Go to the UN Relief Web Condition (Links to an exterior condition.) - Review a unfair depression Situation Report, Flash Report, Emergency Action Plan, and/or other connected declaration and confirm any coordination efforts, including the use of OSOCC Coordination (On-Site Operations Coordination Centre), USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) Coordination, Civil-Military Coordination, NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Coordination etc.

Once you entertain identified at last three detached coordination efforts that were utilized amid this unfair depression, define how these coordination efforts may entertain been cogent in either speeding up the retort and/or resuspassage efforts, reducing anthropological indisposition, or reducing the overall financial require of the retort.

Rubrics for this assignment:

The essay should sum after a while at last 1200 opinion (not suming opinion from the meet page at the preface or the regard page at the end); Times New Roman, 12-font dimension, after a while 1” margins and 1.5" length spacing and using APA name and passage guidelines. Be condensed and get just to the object but be wide and specific. Cite the beginning whenever using an notion that you added from the extract (author, year, page #).

Reading symbolical beginnings for this assignment:

  • Sphere Handbook (Core Humanitarian Standards)
  • UNDAC Handbook (Coordination)

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UNDAC Handbook_interactive.pdf - OCHA

On-Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC) | OCHA

INSARAG USAR Coordination Manual › 01-UC-Manual-Draft-3