Cyber Defense in Web Based Attacks Discussion



You are the network administrator of a regional bank installed in Jeddah. Your team has been faced after a while hackers intercepting the bank’s website and customers’ sensitive impression advice. You need to develop a management using defence best practices to secure the customers’ basis.


Write a monograph that encloses the superveneing:

  • A fashion of the elder defence concerns for web or sensitive impression outgrowth,
  • A specific description of the defence measures you would condense to cast basis, and
  • Assessment of the defence measures needed to be considered and implemented to fix the constitutional notoriety and authorization.

Keep in recollection, we are most animated in your ability to represent the SDLC extents and the steps you would conduct to strain defence during each extent. Use diagrams, where withhold.


  • Your monograph should be 4-5 pages in extension, not including the distinction and regard pages.
  • You must enclose a narrowness of two probable springs and advice from the module to help your letter. The Saudi Digital Library is a good spring for media.
  • Your monograph must supervene Saudi Electronic University academic letter standards and APA fashion guidelines, as withhold.