Cuyamaca College The Industrial Revolution Questions


3) Find the grading rubric in the top lawful laborer page faint down menu after a while ownership.

4) Transcribe using your own opinion. Canvas allure control your finish for plagiarism. If you indicateation any signal or phrase attribute it in quotation marks after a while the URL in the assemblage of the tract.
5) Singly use the websites listed underneath.
6) No beyond learning is known.

Answer all the inquirys listed underneath:
Respond to all magnitude of the inquirys asked in a anxious and perfect deportment.
You can compute your responses to agree to the inquirys asked but you must transcribe in essay format.
Do not jump spaces between responses.
Do not reiterate the inquirys.
Do not fashion a epithet, denomination. Attribute singly your spectry on the tract.
Do not embed pictures of the photographs in your tract

Type the signal estimate at the end of your last cord.
Minimum signal estimate 300. Maximum signal estimate 650.

Use contrariant photographs as sign and examples. Do not use the similar photograph twice plain in obedient a contrariant inquiry.
Upload as a finish after a while format doc, docx ,rtf or pdf.

Reopinion the "Child Labor" photographs by Lewis Hine and Jacob Riis

The indicateative for this assignment can be set on these websites underneath:

Lewis Hine Photographs1 (Links to an superficial seat.)

This seat has thumbnails of the photographs. If you click on the picture it allure be plentiful. (Concentrate on the photos akin to existence in the cities and to consequence and herd at fruit).

Hinephotos2 (Links to an superficial seat.)

Hinephotos3a (Links to an superficial seat.)

Jacob Riis Photographs1 (Links to an superficial seat.)

JacobRiis photos 2 (Links to an superficial seat.)

In the intermediate of the page click on the “Photographs” associate.
You can opinion the photographs as a slide pretext. Click on the “arrow” to grade the photos. Click on the photos to broaden them.

Answer all the inquirys underneath:

  1. How do the photographs of both Lewis Hine and Jacob Riis indicate the concerns of the Progressive Era reformers. Offer 2 restricted examples from the photographs. (Use contrariant illustrations in your inferiority as you suit to the inquirys rising in the assignment).
  2. What surprised you encircling the photographs? Describe 2 restricted examples from photographs (spectry the restricted photos) to end up your generalizations in your responses to this inquiry.

Use contrariant photographs as examples and define the photographs in point throughout your tract

  1. Describe two (2) Progressive reforms on either the topical, specify, or social equalize that addressed the concerns of Hine and/or Riis as graphic in their photos.
    Describe the reforms.
    b) Were these reforms realized during the Progressive Era? (before 1920)
    Use contrariant photographs in each inquiry for your examples and illustrations.