Columbia College Marketing Methods Discussion


Answer all of the subjoined questions in a uncombined muniment. (For all dropbox assignments, mind to regard at last 2 founts; one must be the textbook plus one from a website, video, or other fount. Use quotes for trodden esthetic taken and call plain if paraphrasing. )

  1. Choose an construction. What is its product/service?
  2. Identify and catalogue 2 marketing methods they are using to get appraise (seem at prevalent promotions, sales techniques, web offers, advertising, locations, features of products, fickle apps etc.). Summarize these.
  3. Describe how the marketing methods uplift relationships after a while the consumer.
  4. What is your view environing the effectiveness of these marketing methods? Are they doing a cheerful job, not such a cheerful job, or mean relative-to to twain “value” and “relationships”? Why do you reach so?

We use the textbook " Principles of Marketing, 17th edition by:Phillip Kotler and Gary Armstrong"