Broward College Enlightenment Reflection Paper

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I'm recognized on a philosophy multi-part investigation and need an exposition and repartee to succor me collect.

Write a 500 expression cogitation brochure where you contour the fluctuate brought upon by the Enlightenment.  What fluctuated betwixt the pre-new-fashioned and new-fashioned societies?  Why did it fluctuate?  How did those fluctuates manage to a new way of knowledge the cosmos-people?  What values were recognized or investigationed?  How did Eastern and Western judgment fluctuate?  While you should not repartee all of those investigations, one or two of them should manage your essay.  Then, following establishing an knowledge of the fluctuates, assimilate the ideas of one of the authors from this item (Hobbes, Locke, or de Grouchy) to the ideas presented in one of the earlier items -- items one, two, or three.