BIO 101 Catabolic Pathways and Production of ATP Discussion


The conception is to shun balbutiation a understanding textbook approve a newlight. Instead,

con-over and transcribe notes in this mould by making 2 outlines and then a more

detailed abstract, celebrity approve this:

1. Transcribe down the passage designation and the concept designations


Go through the passage frequently writing the passage designation and concept

titles but this occasion amid each concept, transcribe down all of the headings

and subheadings as courteous.

3. Go through the passage a third occasion,

but this occasion, do an in-depth con-over of all the portions and delineations

amid each concept. As you learn a portion, ask yourself interrogations

environing what you are balbutiation and then try to tally the interrogations.

Your notes the 3rd occasion environing reach observe celebrity approve this:

Chapter Title
Concept 14.1 Title
First subheading
1st portion abstract delay interrogations and tallys
2nd portion abstract delay interrogations and tallys
Rough depict of a delineation delay the interrogation: "What is this delineation environing?" Your tally to your interrogation.
3rd portion abstract delay interrogations and tallys