BACS 232900 Drexel University Ethics and Professional Responsibility Essay


This disroad scrutiny is making-ready for your conclusive design. You earn enunciate a occurrence donation for this disroad and you earn deduce this disroad a occurrence table from your match classmates and instructor to conclusiveize your conclusive Religions Fix Presentation.

1. Enunciate an religions occurrence scenario betwixt and client and behavioral heartiness worker (1-2 paragraphs).In your occurrence in, use an religions fix that has been explored in the road (dual relationships, apprised submit, values, confidentiality). Provide as ample point about the occurrence as virtual, plan the fix and all virtual parties implicated. Answer these scrutinys: What is the fix and what religions codes are implicated in the fix? Explore three virtual reactions that the behavioral heartiness specialist could keep to this fix and the virtual consequences to each of these reactions.

Respond to three joined students occurrence fixs by asking scrutinys, suggesting other virtual religions codes or laws that one would deduce, and any other recommendations you may keep for the students and his or her occurrence.