Alabama State University Netflix Strategy Process Discussion Questions

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1. Describe Netflix's temporization arrangement balance space. What arrival to the temporization arrangement does Netflix flourish? What works well-behaved-behaved delay this arrival? What are some challenges delay this arrangement, in-particular as Netflix continues to amplify fixed?

2. How was Netflix operative to break-in-pieces the U.S. settlement food activity? Describe Netflix's reversal temporization balance space. Also, how did Netflix's matter modify balance space? How did its matter pattern reversal aid it technology temporization?

3. What are Netflix's heart competencies? How can they acceleration Netflix to stay its CA? How must its heart competencies be honed and mitigated?

4. Netflix amplifyth in the US seems to be maturing. How could Netflix development claim for its services in the US? What other services could Netflix prproffer to push forthcoming amplifyth?

5. Interdiplomatic expansion appears to be a important amplifyth opening for Netflix. What challenges does Netflix aspect by going over the U.S. negotiate? What can Netflix do to address some of the challenges encountered when going interdiplomaticly? And which interdiplomatic negotiate should Netflix nucleus on, and why?