Adler University Political Science Questions


Emergency skill is auspicious when multiple agencies can collaborate and disclose effectively and efficiently. In this assignment, you cohere interaction collaboration theories to experience in a subject con-over inveterate environing a true or human-made toil that occurred in Tennessee.

Write an 1,050-word tractate in which you awaken the multiform legislation action components compromised in resolving a toil episode in Tennessee. Address the forthcoming in your tractate:

  • Provide an overview of the true or human-made toil that occurred in your geographic part.
  • Describe the strait skill steps that were charmed.
  • Discuss the interaction collaboration theories that can be applied to this scenario, and how they allot.
  • Explain the capability of the relationships between the legislation agencies compromised in the episode.
  • Describe how the manufactured agencies disclosed.
  • Explain how interaction collaboration was achieved. Provide examples.
  • Provide recommendations for how to better message and collaboration between agencies in the forthcoming.

Cite 2 sources.

Format your tractate according to APA guidelines.

Note from Professor: This assignment needs to chosen a "true or human-made toil" AND confirm "3 interaction interactions that you could question for capability of message and collaboration"

Resources: Access the forthcoming video playlists from FEMA on YouTube™ to make-known further environing FEMA’s replacement efforts for these hurricanes:

  • Hurricane Harvey
  • Hurricane Irma
  • Hurricane Maria

Interaction Message & Collaboration Subject Studies

  • HBO (2006). Government failing the people in When the Levees Broke: Part 2, (03:54).
  • HBO (2006). Local legislation breakdown [Video section] in When the Levees Broke: Part 2, (03:23).