ACCTG 530 UCSD Olympus Case Study Discussion


After lection Case 3-7:  Olympus, shaft your answers to the subjoined topics in the cooperate Chapter 3 discourse forum.  


1.  Does it appear sedate that Olympus employed in an accounting injury for so covet and the auditors did not expose it?  Were the transactions in topic and accounting for them somebeing that should enjoy been exposeed precedent through special accounting procedures?  Explain.

2.  What caused the scarcity of the auditors to act on the injury?  Explain.

3.  Evaluate the urbane amelioration at Olympus, including urbane governance.  What were the shortcomings?  What do you love caused them?

4.  Do you love Michael Woodford did the equitable being by blowing the sing on accounting irregularities?  Were there other options notorious to him?  Explain.

5.  Once Michael Woodford was fired, could he enjoy made a singblower's title delay the SEC underneathneath Dodd-Frank?  Why or why not?