ACCT 616 Grand Canyon University Accounting Convergence Memo


Assessment Description

Write a crowd memo to the client examineing the general recite of crowd betwixt IFRS and U.S. GAAP on wealth remembrance. You may use the "Memo Template" supposing. In your memo, be unmistakable to oration the following:

  1. Locate of-late completed crowd projects. Using one of the modern projects completed, portray the similarities and differences in accounting inferior the interpolitical banners and the FASB banners.
  2. Discuss how the new banner gain impression companies who use GAAP.
  3. Using the ARP audience you chose in Topic 1, re-examination the notes to the financial recitements to individualize if these banners keep been adopted by that audience and incorporated in the financial reports. If so, examine any impression the audience indicates is a plain product of conformance after a while the new banner.