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Write 2 passages encircling your Course Goals.  Each passage must be 5 sentences desire.

  • In the first passage, tally delay complete sentences:  Describe your big “why” (reason) that motivates you.  Why do you continue a legitimate demesne course, conquer progress defys, and come focused to terminate your goals?  Are you seeking defence for your extraction, achieving financial aspirations, or desiring to mould a variety by assisting others?
  • In the second passage, tally delay complete sentences:  Explain your cosset adduce, and impart security to the agent of the adduce.  What does it medium to you?  How does it assume your course?  You must refer-to and regard the adduce.  Refer to the mollifys beneath to get some ideas.  Explain how the adduce connects to your new course. Add a alien of sentences showing how it relates to your coming in legitimate demesne.
  • Cite your mollify in your passage, and regard it at the end. That mediums you must impart security to the peculiar who originally said the adduce. Then, at the ground of your monograph, catalogue the webaspect where you set-up the adduce. In the ultimate monograph, this regard belongs on the definite page in the “References” minority and it obtain want to be in APA format.(Note: if you are citing the Bible or Quran, you do not want to regard it at the end.  Refer to my hush beneath.)

Sample QUOTES:

Here are some inspirational and motivational adduces to critique.  You may regard using one of them for this assignment. One passage in your ultimate monograph requires you to excellent your cosset inspirational adduce. If you don’t yet entertain a adduce, fascinate critique the links beneath and excellent one you relish. Mind to refer-to the agent and catalogue the mollify in the regards minority at the end of your monograph. 

NOTE:  You may cull to catalogue a length from the Bible or any other spiritual/religious citation as your cosset adduce.  If you adduce from the Bible or Quran, you do NOT want a regard at the end (per APA standards).  However, you do want to refer-to the correct scripture (Bible compass, paragraph, and length).  If you are not believing of the scripture, you can frequently meet it through a google pursuit.  It may be advantageous to grasp the Bible rendering -- for illustration:  Philippians 4:13 (NIV). (Links to an exterior aspect.)

Les Brown

  • Quotes: (Links to an exterior aspect.)
  • Site (scroll down for videos & podcasts): (Links to an exterior aspect.)

John Maxwell

  • (Links to an exterior aspect.)

Maya Angelou

  • (Links to an exterior aspect.)

Zig Ziglar

  • (Links to an exterior aspect.)

Brian Tracy

  • (Links to an exterior aspect.)

More Inspirational Quotes

  • Many from Women Leaders
  • Scroll exact to see each adduce:
  • (Links to an exterior aspect.)

Bring your best and accompany us in success… binder going hearty all the way to the complete line!


The beneath scantling assignment is granted as a illustration.  DO NOT COPY this illustration.  (Citation and regard are highlighted so you can largely apprehend how to infuse them.)

Ima Student
January 1, 2020
BRE-101-12345 Legitimate Demesne Practice

My Motivation

My extraction mediums the cosmos-persons to me, and that's why I am motivated to continue a legitimate demesne course.  I am furious encircling assisting our commonwealth members befit homeowners, and timeliness serving others I obtain be erection a financial legacy.  Although I recognize there obtain be obstacles, I obtain conquer them by focusing on my prospect.  Slowly but believingly, I obtain fruit to raise a amend progress for my extraction.  Despite my departed distress, I obtain mollify to the defy and establish that I can terminate my course goals by life a good-natured-natured illustration for my consequence to prosper.

My cosset adduce from Les Brown that binders me motivated is, “Too manifold of us are not maintenance our dreams accordingly we are maintenance our fears," (Les Brown).  This mediums that frequently persons do not terminate their goals accordingly they are frightened of the risk compromised.  Real demesne is a very competitive diligence and I obtain want to be hearty, fearless, and procure conducive risks.  When I handle daunt, I obtain re-focus on my goals and mind why I am intermeddling progressive delay my legitimate demesne course.  No substance what, I obtain mind my goals for my extraction and complete hearty.

Quote mollify: