UMUC HRMD630 midterm exam Latest/UMUC HRMD630 midterm exam Latest


1.) A software company has a high turnover rate. What staffing strategy would be most appropriate?

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UMUC HRMD630 midterm exam Latest/UMUC HRMD630 midterm exam Latest
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A) hiring people with the potential to be promoted over a period of years

B) hiring people quickly even if their skills are not as high as required

C) slowing down the hiring process to try to find better recruits

D) filling vacancies quickly with people who are able to perform with minimal job training

2.) An FTE is defined as:

A) a full-time equivalent employee

B) an independent contractor working at least 36 hours per week

C) an applicant that is searching for work on a full time basis

C) a plan for recruiting full-time workers

3.) Janson Engineering has found it difficult to recruit experienced project managers to lead its many projects. Which of the following would be a proactive action that may help close current and future gaps?

A) adjusting the mix of employees versus contractors

B) working with local universities and colleges to create courses that focus on project management skills

C) source candidates from similar industries with project management skills

D) all of the above

E) A & B only

4.) Which of the following is not a step in workforce planning?

A) look at internal and external factors to estimate job demand

B) calculate the replacement need

C) look to the future for redundancies

D) conduct a strategy meeting to analyze selection methods

E) all of the above are steps in workforce planning

5.) Employment-at-will is an employment relationship which ________.

A) allows either the employee or employer to terminate the employment at any time

B) offers blanket protection to employers for all employee discharges

C) allows an employer to terminate employment only for a just cause

D) offers employees a contract for a definite term of employment


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