UAS Crewmember Requirements

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UAS Crewmember Requirements

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UAS Crewmember Requirements
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The vast variation in size and capability of UAS across government and industry has made it impossible to create a single requirement that could safely define what criteria to use when selecting or certifying crewmembers. Large and medium-sized UAS usually require several crewmembers to operate due to the complexity of the technology and the airspace within which they fly. While sUAS, for example, can be safely operated by a single pilot keeping VLOS with the aircraft at all times. Due to the extreme variance in standards, the FAA has decided to regulate UAS crewmembers within certain categories, defined by the weight, speed, and altitude at which the aircraft will be flown in commercial operations. Since the FAA has already defined the requirements for sUAS by releasing 14 CFR Part 107, the focus of this discussion board will be domestic operations of Large commercial UAS.

Select a medium or large UAS (>55 pounds) that you think has the potential to operate commercially in the NAS. Cover the following items in your submission:

· Identify and analyze the crewmembers’ requirements that are necessary to safely operate your selected UAS.

· Describe how you would select the most highly qualified personnel to fly it if you were a hiring manager.

In addition, cover the following items in your initial discussion post:

· What basic requirements would you require your pilots and sensor operators to have as prerequisites to employment?

· Once selected, how would you train them to become certified to commercially operate this UAS in the NAS? 
Some options include:

· Testing

· Simulator time

· Actual UAS flight time

· Evaluations

· Would you require flight time in manned aircraft?

· Why or why not?

· What level of medical certification would the crewmembers need to qualify for these positions since they will be controlling aircraft that share airspace with manned aircraft?

· Provide a short paper submission of at least 400 words total. Make sure your research and your references are in APA format.


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