two page paper visual culture

  • Read Sturken and Cartwright (Chapter 10 pp. 389–397).
  • Think: Not only is art involved in commercial sales and commodities, but it is intrinsic in science and technology. How many of our medical technologies rely on visual imaging? What would our lives be like if news programming did not have access to images?
  • Prepare a two-page paper to debate the value of teaching visual literacy to primary and secondary students. Discuss the pro and con positions for this debate. Defend your final stance on the topic. Be sure to include ideas from several of the units through this course to justify your stance.


Data  Analysis  

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two page paper visual culture
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Data  Analysis  1:  Metabolism  &  Energy    
Graph  the  following  limiting  factors  of  photosynthesis  (3  graphs)  and  answer  the  
application  and  analysis  questions  that  follow.    
Rate  of  Photosynthesis:  CO2  uptake  

CO2  concentration  (ppm)  

0   0  
10.5   100  
12   300  
12.75   500  
14.25   700  
15   900  
15   1100  

Rate  of  

CO2  uptake  

Irradiance  (cd/m2)   Rate  of  
CO2  uptake  

Irradiance  (cd/m2)  

-­5.0   0   18.5   6  
0   1   19.2   7  
5.0   2   19.6   8  
10.0   3   19.8   9  
15.0   4   20.0   10  
17.0   5   20.0   11  

Rate  of  
CO2  uptake  

Temperature  (◦C)   Rate  of  
CO2  uptake  

Temperature  (◦C)  

11.0   10   14.0   40  
15.0   15   12.0   45  
18.0   20   7.0   50  
18.5   25   2.0   55  
20.2   30   0   60  
19.0   35      

Analysis  Questions:    
1.   Infer   what   the   rate   of   photosynthesis   would   if   the   concentration   of   carbon   dioxide  
continued  to  rise  to  2000  ppm.  Why  do  you  believe  this  to  be  true?  Defend  your  answer!  

2.  Based  on  the  data  and  the  shape  of  the  graph,  describe  the  effect  that  irradiance  (light  
intensity)  has  on  the  rate  of  photosynthesis.    
3.  Suggest  why  you  believe   that   the  rate  of  CO2  uptake  has  a  negative  value  at  zero  
irradiance  or  light  intensity.    
4.   Based   upon   this   data   do   you   believe   that   there   is   an   optimum   temperature   that  
maximizes  photosynthesis?  If  so,  what  is  that  temperature?    
5.  What  explanation  can  be  drawn  for  the  shape  of  the  curve?  How  can  you  explain  the  
existence  of  an  optimum  temperature  for  photosynthesis?  Defend  your  answer!  


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