Trip to Egypt and Palestine

I obtain chat encircling my fail to Egypt and Palestine, and I marked two cities in Egypt, Luxor and Aswan. I to-boot marked two cities in Palestine, Jerusalem and Beit Lehem. I travelled in the commencement to Egypt and the program for my fail encloses I mark chief Luxor city and then marking Aswan. Luxor and Aswan are located south Egypt, and travelled by course from Cairo to Upper Egypt, where the remoteness was encircling 700 kilometres. When I arrived to Luxor I went to area denominated alleyway rams and there are statues in this way and these statues were after a while sphinx’s collection and the division of a ram. On other cause of the River Nile there are habitations and tombs which enclose the discouragement of Kings and discouragement of Queens. ‘Luxor has world’s highest unreserved air museum’ the turn conduct said. After that I went to Aswan it is located on River Nile. I marked manifold of the archaeological sites approve island of Elephantine in the River Nile, and I marked Abu Simbel area which located in Nubia, south Aswan encircling 300 kilometres. Abu Simbel area encloses the Great Abu Simbel habitations encloses two habitations: chief habitation denominated Great Habitation for the King Ramesses II and anther habitation denominated Small Temple. After I marked Egypt I flew to Palestine, and when I arrived I went Jerusalem city which located in west bank in Palestine. I went to Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of Rock Mosque and are located in the old city Jerusalem and these mosques are very old. And then I went to Beit Lehem city is located in west bank and located south Jerusalem city encircling 10 kilometres. I marked where Jesas was born consequently Beit Lehem city as birthplace of Jesas. When I high my mark I went tail repeatedly to Egypt, and I stayed a few past days and then returned to Sweden.