Transmittal Memo

A very common type of technical description is the definition paper.  Your first formal writing assignment is to create a document that you will use in your project proposal as well as in the final deliverable.  In this document, you will be researching your topic and writing a 600-700 word document that defines the problem.

You will begin this report, with a brief overview of the problem including any definitions that the reader might need to know.  In this section, include a brief history of the problem.  Next you will go into some of the reasons why this problem exists.  What are the factors that contribute to this problem.  In the last section, you will focus on the effects of this problem.  This section will use persuasion to convince the reader that the problem is real and that it must be addressed.  Finally, sum up the main ideas of your paper in a conclusion. 

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Transmittal Memo
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Read the requirements listed below and make sure you follow the guidelines:

  1. Paper should be between 600-700+ words, double-spaced. (The report can be longer.)
  2. You need to have a minimum of 4 citations from at least 2 different sources.  These should be incorporated into the final report by using either a signal phrase or an in-text citation.  Therefore, you need a minimum of two sources, but more are recommended.
  3. You will need a works cited page at the end of the report listing the sources cited in MLA format. Each entry in the works cited must be located within the report.
  4. Follow the template provided for your final report.  It is set up correctly.  Add an image (relating to your topic) on the cover page.  You may add another image within the report, itself.
  5. Introduction, Definition of Terms, and Purpose Statement 2. Causes of. 3. Effects Of.  4. Conclusion. 5. Works Cited (You may have more than one paragraph in each section as needed.
  6. Underline or highlight the purpose statement at the end of your introduction.
  7. Underline or highlight each in-text documentation source found within the report

This is your Attendance Assignment 

· What prompt have you chosen?

The prompt that I have chosen is endangered species in Florida.

· Why did you choose this prompt?

I chose this topic because I love animals, especially animals that live in the ocean and I know that there is a serious problem with that needs to be addressed in regards to these animals.

· What do you know about this topic?

I think I know a decent amount about this topic, not a lot but enough.

· What do you need to find out about this topic?

Research ways to help these animals and what can affect their lives positively.

· Think of a name for your company.

My company is called The Marine Animal’s Mariners.

· Briefly explain why your company should be chosen for this product.  This is purely fictional.  Talk about your background (fake), experience, etc. 

This company should be chosen because it was created by someone with a ton of ocean experience and someone who has a deep passion for marine life. Anyone who joins our team must have experience and show the same love for animals.


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