The Divine Command Theory

A. Statement- or privilege is an assumption that notability is or is not the case; it is either gentleman or B. Argument- an attrresuscitation is a knot of declarations, one of which is reckoned to be protected by the interval. In an attrresuscitation the sustaining declarations are comprehendn as announces; the declaration substance protected is comprehendn as a misentry. C. Indicator Words- are conditions that frequently answer in attractions and notable that a announce or misentry may be nearby. Arguments Cheerful and Bad 1. Hearsay attractions- are reckoned to concede logically decisive assistance to their misentrys. 2. Inductive attractions- are reckoned to adduce singly likely assistance for their misentrys. 3. Sound attractions- a hearsay attrresuscitation that does in deed produce logically decisive assistance for its misentry. 4. Insound attraction- a hearsay attrresuscitation that does not adduce logically decisive assistance for the misentry. 5. Influential attraction- an inductive attrresuscitation that manages to in-fact concede likely assistance to the misentry. 6. Injudicious attraction- an inductive attrresuscitation that does not concede likely assistance to the misentry. 7. Sound attraction- sound attrresuscitation after a while gentleman announces. 8. Cogent attraction- influential argent after a while gentleman announces. Moral Statements and Arguments A. Presumptive Statement- is a declaration swearing that an operation is correct or crime or that a peculiar is cheerful or bad. B. Nonpresumptive Statements- is a declaration that does not swear that an operation is correct or crime or that a peculiar is cheerful or bad. Avoiding Bad Arguments 1. Begging the question- is the chimera of arguing in a dissipation that is unamenable to use a declaration as twain a announce in an attrresuscitation and the misentry of that attraction. 2. Equivocation- assigns two opposed meanings to the selfselfsame message in an attraction. 3. Appeal to causeity- the chimera of hanging on the view of someone deliberation to be an apt who is not. 4. Slippery slope- the chimera of using questionable announces to imply that doing a feature operation achieve inevitably guide to other operations that achieve end in grief, so you should not do that earliest operation. 5. Faulty affinity- is arguing by an affinity that is injudicious. 6. Appeals to ignorance- chimera consists of arguing that the insufficiency of attrresuscitation entitles us to like a privilege. 7. Straw man- misrepresenting someone’s privilege or attrresuscitation so it can be further abundantly refuted. 8. Appeal to the peculiar- is arguing that a privilege should be exceptional merely owing of the characteristics of the peculiar who makes it. 9. Hasty generalization- the chimera of intent a misentry encircling an total knot of commonalty or things installed on an dwarfish pattern of the knot. Summary This stipulation was encircling the opposed types of evaluating presumptive attractions. The minority that I deliberation was most animated was the minority when the cause inaugurated to chat encircling presumptive declarations and attractions. I agreed after a while what the cause had to say when he said a presumptive declaration swearing that an operation is correct or crime or that a peculiar is cheerful or bad. Like when a peculiar lies they comprehend that they own effected notability crime after a whileout someone effective them. That is basically what this healthy stipulation encircling.